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The Signatures of Mohegan Sachems


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Signatures of Sachems


Key to signatures:

1. Uncas (Mohegan)

2. Oweneco (Mohegan)

3. Attawanhood (Mohegan)

4. Major Ben Uncas (Mohegan)

5. Mamohet (Mohegan, son of Oweneco)

6. Mahachemo (Milford)

7. Momauguin (Quinnipiac)

8. Ansantawae

9. Tontonimo (Podunk)

10. Shaumpishuh (Sunk Squaw Sachem, Guilford)

11. Montowese (Wangunk)

12. Ackenach (Paugussett)

13. Pethus

14. Ahamo

15. Nassahegon (Poquonnuc)

16. Cassisinamon (Pequot)

17. Hermon Garret (also known as Wequash Cook, Pequot)

18. Weraumaug (New Milford)

19. Catoonam



Source: De Forest, John W., [1852] History of the Indians of Connecticut (page 494). Wm. Jas. Hamersley, Hartford.
Reprinted by Native American Book Publishers, Brighton, Michigan.

Notes: Signatures of Connecticut Sachems approximately dating between AD 1650 and 1725.
Collected by De Forest from a variety of primary historic documents.
Two of the signatures exhibit zoomorphic qualities which may be related to clan names.
Other examples of Uncas' signature are distinctly anthropomorphic in nature.
Six of the signatures depict bows and/or arrows. Only one woman's signature is represented (Shaumpishuh, N. 10).




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