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Our Travels Across Mother Earth


On Indian Island in Old Town Maine, home of my Uncle Russ and the Penobscot people.


This page is a small collection of our travels over the past few years.

We have had many wonderful experiences, seeing beautiful

places on Mother Earth and meeting some very

special people who have shared their lives with us.


On board the Schooner Amistad,
which was built at our favorite place,
Mystic Seaport and is now docked in New Haven, Connecticut.



At the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse in Florida.



Cahokia Indian Mounds near ancient Shawnee lands along the Mississippi River in Illinois.



A fall gathering in Connecticut.



A summer pow wow in Canton, Massachusetts.



A windy place on the Top of the World
 in the mountains of Montana.



Sachem Walkingfox offers prayers to those who have crossed over at the
former Carlisle Indian School cemetery, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


Sachem Walkingfox add his prayers to the others
on a prayer tree in the Carlisle cemetery.




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