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Sachem Walkingfox carries his Mohegan staff
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Aquai, hello from

Uncasville in Southeastern Connecticut,

where my Mohegan ancestors have lived since the 1600's.

This web site is about Sachem Uncas and my Mohegan people.

You will find information here about him and his descendants,

along with some of the history of Eastern Woodland Indians.

Below are pictures of two of the most sacred places in Connecticut

for Mohegan people, Caughegan Rock and Indian Leap Falls.


Peace to you and safe journey

Sachem Walkingfox


The current weather for Uncasville, Connecticut is:



Cauchegan Rock in winter, where Sachem Uncas spent
many hours in this sacred place of the Mohegan people.


Indian Leap Falls in nearby Norwich,
the City of Kings, Connecticut.



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