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Sachem Walkingfox

Sachem Walkingfox carries his Mohegan staff
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On this web site are some of my thoughts on:

Sachem Uncas, the Storey Clan or my Mohegan family,
Histories of Eastern Woodland, Long Island and Mohegan people,
my hometown of Uncasville and Uncasvillage in the 1600's,
the world as I see it, or a page of Commentary,
the true meaning of Spirituality to a Native and
 a few Alternative Energy ideas now that the rest of the
world is starting to respect Mother Earth as we always have.

This new page is in answer to the many who have written
asking me about the meaning of the word Aquine.

As for the apology from Kevin Gover and the BIA,
my ancestors, my grandfather and I thank you
for coming forward after all of these years.

And finally, the words written on this web site come from
the teachings of my Elders and my Mohegan family.
You will not find words here taken from books that were
written by non natives, who do not know, nor have the
right to speak with authority about my people.


Our baby Sabrina

Please click on Sabrina for more about our Airedales

Thanks to this wonderful Rescue group in Florida,
for the joy that is our Sabrina:
Airedale Rescue of Florida


Web sites concerning Mother Earth and her People:

This new section at is concerned
with all of the world's people: Global Culture
Educators and students may enjoy her web site about
Florida's Endangered Wildlife: Walking with the Alligators


Please make 2009 the year that you make a choice
to become a part of the solution to Global Warming,
by seeing the film: An Inconvenient Truth
and/or visiting their web site at:



American Indian/Alaska Native Initiative
of the National Marrow Donor Program


Dear Students: Please accept my apologies, but because
of the overwhelming amount of email from all of you,
I can no longer reply to your requests for help with school work.



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