Cauchegan Rock


Cauchegan Rock


"Cochegan/Cauchegan Rock has been over looked

for many years now and I like it that way.


Cauchegan rock is the largest rock in Mohegan land.

The unique setting of the rock, was the main reason that it was

used so often as a meeting place by Uncas and his followers.


In the spring and for most of the summer, the tribe used it

and the land around it, for one of their many villages.

Often times, the trees would be used where they stood,

to form long and roundhouses.


The villages were surrounded by fresh water for drinking,

gardening, washing, etc., while, the nearby Pequot River

provided an abundant supply of fish and clams.


My Grandfather told me that the tribe would often

put tables and chairs on top of Cauchegan Rock

when they held their meetings.

This would also allow them to see anyone

coming towards them from great distances.


In the colder weather, the tribe would use the rocks

and trees in the area to shelter them from the winds.

The warmer weather was used for gardening.


The first Pau-was of the new season would begin at

the rock with fellowshipping, before going on to

the Great River to Pau-was with other tribes.


I have always wondered if it would not be more beneficial

for one non-profit organization to share this land with

other non-profit organizations and all true native elders?


This very sacred land is now being used to help

young men learn about and enjoy Mother Earth.

However, every time someone talks to me about

their trip to this Sacred Mohegan Land,

the first thing that they mention is the littering.


Why not share the land with my elders,

as well as with the Cub Scouts, Brownies and Girl Scouts?

In this way, more people would be available to help clean it up,

and be taught how to show respect for Mother Earth,

while keeping it out of the hands of those who would shame Uncas

and all of the Ancestors, by turning into just another tourist attraction."





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